Eagle Monitor RAT

Eagle Monitor RAT Reborn

Fast, lightweight & easily customizable remote access tool written in C# coded from scratch.
Consider this as an upgrade of HorusEyesRat which was written in Visual Basic .NET. As in the old good times, I decided to write a client in Visual Basic .NET. Also, many people ask for help with installation or errors. I’m not a CSS. If you have any issue with Eagle, open an issue in the right section explaining the problem and how I can reproduce the issue myself.

Why did I choose to rework it ?

As I said, I learnt new things to make my code cleaner and a better networking management.

New things will be added in the future ?

Of course. I plan to add features when I find them interesting to add. Please don’t spam issue section with new features. If you really want a specific feature, you will have to add it by yourself. A wiki section will be written to show you how to add your own features.

What’s been reworked ?

  • Whole UI (datagridview instead of listview, dark theme…)
  • Packets system
  • All plugins
  • Server side and packets handling
  • Client side and packets handling
  • Native Imports
  • Settings
  • Builder
  • Automation tasks
  • Mass tasks
  • Memory execution
  • Asynchronous operations
  • Use of threads (when needed)
  • Wifi recovery removed

What’s new ?

  • Logs system
  • Keylogger (offline and realtime)
  • Network information (IPV4)
  • Client writtent both in VB and C#
  • An installer for deployment
  • Notification sound

Current features

  • Clients written in C# and VB (32 and 64 bit)
  • Passwords recovery (automatically saved)
  • History recovery (automatically saved)
  • Autofill recovery (automatically saved)
  • Keywords recovery (automatically saved)
  • Blur screenlocker
  • Remote camera viewer (+ save pictures)
  • Remote desktop viewer (+ save pictures)
  • Remote microphone (automatically saved)
  • Process manager
  • Kill process (native techniques)
  • Suspend process
  • Resume process
  • (shellcode) Process injection (NtWriteVirtualMemory + NtCreateThreadEx)
  • (shellcode) Process injection (NtMapViewOfSection + NtCreateThreadEx)
  • Shutdown system
  • Reboot system
  • Suspend system
  • Hibernate system
  • Log out user
  • BSOD
  • Lock workstation
  • Offline keylogger (automatically saved)
  • Realtime keylogger (automatically saved)
  • (current client) Managed pe execution
  • (current client) Unmanaged pe execution
  • (current client) Managed dll execution
  • (current client) Unmanaged dll execution
  • (current client) Shellcode execution
  • Audio up
  • Audio down
  • Hide + show taskbar
  • Hide + show desktop icons
  • Set wallpaper
  • File manager
  • Delete file
  • Download file
  • Rename file
  • Upload file
  • Get information (CPU, hardware, system)
  • Shortcuts (download, desktop and documents paths)
  • Logs ((automatically saved))
  • Mass Tasks

External depencencies

  • MRG.Controls.UI
  • XanderUI
  • GunaUI
  • dnlib
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • BouncyCastle
  • NAudio


  • All saved stuff (logs, passwords…) are saved in csv format except offline keylogger
  • All external dlls used are in folder “DLLs + Package”
  • This remote access tool can also be used as stealer & payloads loader.
  • Build the project in “release mode” only (change x64 bit for Server and clients)
  • If you update with installer, you will have to backup your configs + logs (.dat, .json, Logs folder)
  • Under license (MIT + Commons Clause)

If the download link is broken or no longer active, please email to admin, we will fix as soon as possible

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