Proton Crypter v2.0

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Proton Crypter can be used fo education penetration test, personal tests, and to protect legal files which you do not want to be debugged or reverse engineered. We are not responsible for what you use our protection/encryption/obfuscation software for!

Features (NEW)

All features have been refreshed. Algorithm change. 100% FUD Runtime ScanTime. Many new features have been added.

.NET & Native Files .NET Injection (RegAsm)

.Native Injection (svchost) Persistence (Native Managed)

Hidden Startup (x86, x64) Assembly Changer

Anti – VMware Workstation Anti – SandBoxie Anti – WireShark Anti – Virtual Computer (All) Obfuscator (Arithmetic) KoiVM Virtualization Hide File CodeDom – v2.0, v3.5, v4.0 Split Method Junk Code Generator HIPS AMSI and Proactive Bypass. Runtime ScanTime 100% FUD

If the download link is broken or no longer active, please email to admin, we will fix as soon as possible

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