Main Features

  • Native (C) – Builds the final executable as a native (C) 32-bit file, has basically no run requirements
  • Silent – Downloads and executes (if enabled) files without any visible output
  • Tiny – Final downloader build is usually less than 5kb (depending on the amount of files to download)
  • Multiple files – Supports downloading any amount of files
  • Powershell – Does everything through powershell which currently greatly reduces detections
  • Compatible – Supports all tested Windows version (Windows 7 to Windows 10) and all file types
  • Windows Defender exclusions – Can add exclusions into Windows Defender to ignore any detections from the downloaded files
  • Icon/Assembly – Supports adding an Icon and/or Assembly Data to the built file

A free silent (hidden) open-source downloader (binder) that can be built as a native C file. A downloader is essentially the same as a binder although it downloads the files instead of storing them in memory, you can also see my UnamBinder for a normal file binder.

If the download link is broken or no longer active, please email to admin, we will fix as soon as possible

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